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Laxmi Narain

The author is a Retired IPS officer. Having been in close proximity with people from different strata and walks of life during the tenure of office or otherwise, he has seen life and society in its truest colours. He is quite sensitive towards the sufferings of the people which are well reflected in his first book that beautifully portrays common man's problems and their solutions.  'KRISHNACHARITAM The Essence of Life' is the natural outcome of a long nourished sense of spirituality and moral responsibility which the author perceives. The author enunciates that suffocating humanity can get aRead More...


Books by Laxmi Narain

Krishna smiles and putting his hand over Udhava's head speaks," My life itself will remain a guiding inspiration for mankind for My deeds are the essence of life. Those who read or listen to my deeds in any form with love for me will attain My Bhakti and will come to my abode. I help those who keep Me in their mind."

The book encapsulates the entire life and deeds of Krishna. The reader will feel a surge of devotion for Krishna and the book will help th

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