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Litan Bhowmik

Litan Bhowmik is an author, corporate trainer, mentor, counsellor, motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and former Managing Director of Euro Advanced Technology Solutions, Scotland, UK.

Litan Bhowmik is the author of the book ‘Think Big And Live To Make It Possible.’ He is a much sought after public and motivational speaker. A large number of individuals of all social statuses have been benefited from his training and coaching.

Litan Bhowmik had an exceptionally unassuming yet significant background. He was born and brought up in an Indian village to his working-class parents. In spite of the fact that he studied at three universities in India and the UK, he considers his mother as the greatest university of his life for her quality contribution into his life.

He believes that human family is the greatest of all social institutions and human life’s journey is nothing but an opportunity to evolve from biological being into divine being. He conducts seminars and workshops for parents and would be parents to train them on family communication and parenting skills.

Litan Bhowmik runs a campaign called ‘You Are Stronger Than Your Problems. Life Is Good. Never Quit. You Will Be Rewarded.’


Institution of Family: The Last Best Hope of Civilisation

Books by Litan Bhowmik

‘In the event that you want the story of your life to be an incredible tale to interest others, then, plunge into it with your head, heart and hands, to embrace the truth, and thus become the story.’

-Litan Bhowmik

I spent a quarter of a century to reach in the threshold of this exciting voyage which I am happy to embark upon. Initially, it was an exceptionally modest beginning and gradually it is getting to

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Think Big And Live To Make It Possible

Books by Litan Bhowmik

Yes, it is possible. Anything and everything you can think of is possible. If you want to make your life a great one it is possible if you want to waste it, it is also possible.

Life is not a gamble to risk it randomly. Life is a game to play by the rules. Life is too beautiful a gift to be wasted crawling on your hands and knees. Make it bigger and better with immense passion and exciting dreams. Develop yourself, serve others and make a significant con

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