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Luqman Michel having successfully taught about 50 disengaged kids decided to be of further service to more disengaged kids around the world by joining the Lions Club of Kota Kinabalu Host in Sabah, Malaysia. His attempt to help disengaged kids via the Lions Clubs committee did not get the required support from the president of the club. His article on what he had learned about so called dyslexic kids for being included in the 50th Anniversary magazine was turned down. He found that the key members of the club were more interested in ways and means of pilfering money from the club. Luqman with Read More...


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Teach Your Child to Read

Books by Luqman Michel

This book quite simply spells out exactly how to address reading problems. And that is it! Right to the point. Parents and teachers will be relieved to find in this book how their students can easily learn how to read! 
This book will also be useful for teaching dyslexic children.

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Wolves Among Lions

Books by Luqman Michel

This book details the following unimaginable matters that are carried out by a Lions Club in Sabah, Malaysia.

The falsification of records at the Registry of Societies

The breaking of many of the sacred rules of the Constitution and Laws of LCI

The breaking of the code of ethics of the Lions Movement.

The misappropriation of funds meant for the needy

The operation of 3 secret bank accounts

The operation of a

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Shut Down Kids

Books by Luqman Michel

This book heralds a new line in thinking why the illiteracy rate has been maintained at the same level for decades.

It's easy to blame the child as if he were the problem, and not the failure of instruction.

There is a basic foundation for teaching that has to be in place for learning to occur. For learning to occur one needs to master the first R – Reading without which the other two R’s (wRiting and aRithmetics) are difficult to attain.

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