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Mani Sarin

Mani was born in Jhansi and lived all over UP in her early years as her father Gopi Arora was a senior UP State government official. She did her Masters in Economics from BHU, Varanasi. After marriage to Rakesh she mostly lived in Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, Europe and finally settled in Gurgaon. Her mother, Krishna, had a strong influence on Mani’s creative art including painting, writing & cooking. Mani is lovingly grateful her mother for her writing and feels as if her mother holds her hand to pour emotions in her poetry in undiluted Hindi. Mani has run successful business but her heaRead More...


रिश्तों के मोती

Books by मणि सरीन 

रिश्तों के मोती यह एक कविता संग्रह ही नहीं , मेरे मन के उद्गार हैं जो मैंने अपनी माँ "कृष्णा" को समर्पित किये हैं। एक नारी के जीवन में रिश्तों की गहनता का क्या महत्त्व है, ये इन कवित

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