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Mac Nicolson was born and raised on a farm in the midlands of Tasmania, by a pioneering family that had migrated from Scotland in the early 19th century. When he was 19, he traveled to India and Brazil, where he spent most of the following five years of his life before returning to Australia to, among other things, start a community and be elected for two terms as a city councilor. He also wrote a column in a local newspaper, got appointed to government advisory bodies, became the President of a theater company, took on the Presidency of the local Pony Club and other even less memorable bodiesRead More...


Loved by the Sun

Books by Mac Nicolson

The story begins in the ancient city of Khasi during “Mahabharata India.” Suryakanta is an Asva-Sani, or horse trainer, of the royal stables who becomes responsible for a young girl, Ananti, who one day mysteriously appears from the sacred river. His fate leads him to a chance encounter with Karna, the King of Angra and son of the Sun God, and from there he finds himself caught up in the events leading to the great war of Kurukshetra.

The story of Su

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