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Madhusudana Reddy Yambarm

Hotelier | Author | Influencer
Hotelier | Author | Influencer

Madhu is from the southern part of India. With a lack of financial education and guidance in the initial years, he has been exploring possibilities in money management for the last two decades. Those early years of missed opportunities helped him make better decisions by continual learning, acting and failing for an optimistic financial future. Madhu brings two decades of experience in wealth management and talks about what not to do in this book while helping people of any age groups take baby steps and turn their life for a better and secured financial future. As a hotelier, he brings two decades of customer service experience while working with different cultures across the globe.


Manage Money like Rich

Books by Madhusudana Yambarm

Madhu’s belief is simple. In money management; It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much you keep in the right assets for the long term. From basic principles to proven tricks, ‘Manage Money Like Rich’ will cover the following:


✓ How to secure yourself and your family in personal finance.

✓ Early actionable steps for your wealth creation.

✓ Not buying a house in your early years can make you a mi

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