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Maj Gen A K Shori (Retd)

Maj Gen A K Shori (MA. LL.B), 1982 batch IAS (Allied) Services officer, served in the Indian Army for 21 years before retiring as Member, Postal Board. He headed the Army Postal Service Corps as Addl. D.G. from May 2011 till March 2015 and was awarded Army Commander Commendation Card in Northern Command. After relinquishing commission, Gen Shori took over as Chief Postmaster General, Himachal Pradesh before retiring as Member, Postal Board.

Gen Shori has attended various training courses in India as well abroad like IIM Ahmadabad, Asia Pacific Training Centre, Bangkok and Management Institute Lausanne, Switzerland. He has done extensive research on Behavioural Science and has developed management skills based on stories from the Panchatantra, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

He has been delivering lectures and conducting workshops on leadership skills, conflict resolution, effective communication and principles of good governance. Gen Shori is a ferocious reader, a social thinker, columnist and a reputed author. He has authored three books titled Indian Rajarshi and Greek Philosopher King, Seven Shades of Rama (translated in Hindi as Bhagwaan Shree Ram Ke Saat Roop and Why We Are Like This (A compilation of thought-provoking issues). He has also edited three books –An Alphabetical Compilation of English Idioms, Ashok ChakrVijeta and Bhartiya Sena Adhykshon ka Prerak Jeevan.

The articles written by Gen Shori on social and political issues and international relations are published periodically in Himachal Dastak (a leading newspaper from Himachal Pradesh) and South Asia Politics (a monthly periodical published from Delhi).


Invisible Shades of Ramayana

Books by Maj Gen A K Shori (Retd)

Ramayana is one of the most sacred, respected and widely read books in the world. Though there are so many versions of Ramayana, the original one was compiled by Valmiki. There are so many characters, events and personalities who play a very important role in making the whole story of Shri Rama into Ramayana and we have very little knowledge about such personalities, their wisdom and thought process.

We know Hanuman as a very brave and strong personali

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Why We Are Like This?

Books by Maj Gen A K Shori

In our daily life, so many irritating incidents occur and a question comes to our mind is that are we really literate, well-educated and civilized ones? Have we really progressed to be sincere and responsive citizens? If the education and literacy levels are going up then is the system making the individuals better human beings also? If not, then who is to be blamed? Why everything right from festivals to religion and even patriotism has become market driven?

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Seven Shades of Rama

Books by Maj Gen A K Shori

The rich reservoir of ancient knowledge contains the wisdom which can help solve our present day problems. The seven traits of Rama are ingrained in every human being as a son, brother, husband, warrior, a bit of ruler and a rishi; the blending where of leads to perfection. The author deplores the intellectual bankruptcy which is creating a vacuum in the personal, social and political lives resulting in mediocrity projecting itself as the savior of mankind and

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