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Maneesh Dutt is a sought after speaker, trainer & consultant who quit his job to embark on a mission to increase Visual thinking and Mind Mapping awareness. An alumni of IIT-Delhi and an MBA, Maneesh is having over 20+ years of rich Industry experience in building a culture of innovation & execution excellence in multiple organisations. He has conducted over 100 workshops in India & Abroad with outstanding feedback. He is also the author of four best-sellers on Amazon: "Mind Maps for effective project management", "How to help your child focus & concentrate", "Live life colorfuRead More...


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The Creative, Flexible Planner

Books by Maneesh Dutt

Unique Paperback Planner with ready to use Mind Map templates & blank pages to get you back into control now! 

The real purpose of a planner is not to simply to organise your tasks but also help: motivate you to execute your tasks, conquer procrastination, reflect your unique thinking process, kindle creative ideas & cater to individual planning needs. So, what does this Creative Flexible Planner offer?


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101 Reasons to Read Books

Books by Maneesh Dutt

In today's digital and a rushed world many of us have lost an important relationship , the one with books. The unconditional knowledge, love, entertainment and more, that a book can offer us can be fathomed only by a reader. This unconditional pouring from a book can, beyond entertaining, prod us to action and a more meaningful life. Sometimes all we need is a gentle fragrant wind to make us reach out for the flowers. This book is a similar attempt to showcase

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Cricket...Right Here !! Right Now!!

Books by Krish Dutt


# Easy to play

# Packed with fun filled cricket images

# Play anytime anywhere

# You can practice drawing cricket stick figure from the images

# Section to collect Autographs of your favourite stars

# Provides a good break for kids from damaging screen time

# Strengthen simple addition skills as you play along


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What's Stopping You From Writing Your Book?

Books by Maneesh Dutt

You are unique and you carry an equally unique message within you, which could be beneficial for a larger audience when expressed through writing. So, what’s stopping you? There was time when I found even writing an article for a journal an uphill task. Today I have authored 5 non-fiction books employing a simple 4 step strategy, which helps not only structure my approach to a book better but allows me to complete my books much faster. Incidentally, all of my 5

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How to Have Mind Blowing, Engaging & Energizing Meetings

Books by Maneesh Dutt

Meetings, like friction, are a necessary evil for every organization. Commonly heard in organizations are comments like - “I love the sleep inducing effect of our meets” or “It is surely death by meetings for us” or “We need more action and not more meetings” or “Our meetings suck!” - and the list is endless. Even if you hate them, you cannot escape them in an organizational set up. Imagine, however, if you could literally transform your meetin

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Books by Maneesh Dutt

Struggling to teach your child?

This Book is for you IF

… you are at your wits end while teaching your kids

…you believe that there must be a more creative way to teach

…you are willing to invest a little more time to learn techniques to make learning fun for your kids

…you truly believe that children are more intelligent than us

It is easy for a child to ensure laser like focus wh

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Mind Maps for Effective Project Management

Books by Maneesh Dutt

If you are tired of traditional Project Management Practices, struggling with a high rate of project failures or looking for a "new", "light" and "engaging" way to manage your Projects then this book is for you.

This is probably the first book globally which showcases the immense potential for Mind Mapping across the project life cycle from start to finish. What is more with every purchase you get free access to 40 Mind Map templates which you can immed

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