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Manik Saikia

Manik Saikia is a chemical engineer by profession. He has worked for 35 years in an Indian Oil refinery, situated in Digboi, an idyllic place in the far-east corner of Assam, where crude oil was first discovered in India. He was a child when China launched a brutally aggressive attack on Northeast India in 1962. The event was nightmarish—particularly for the young children of the Northeast. It left dark impressions on the author’s young mind. Born and brought up in culturally-rich Assam, he grew up to be sensitive and always cherished dreams of a blissful world. Heaven Descends on Read More...


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When the Dominoes Fall

Books by Manik Saikia

A brilliant boy, Sanjay sows the seeds of hope in his parents to escape the yoke of lower-middle-class life. He greatly contrasts his elder brother, Krishna with lower cognitive skills. A crush on a giggly, upright, and affectionate girl, Dimpy, a medical student, boosts Sanjay’s spirit that slumped while he was at medical college. Notwithstanding his success, Sanjay faces a naked truth about the catastrophe he has created for himself. Dimpy jumps onto an un

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Heaven Descends on Our Earth

Books by Manik Saikia

Pioneered by two young leaders, Alex Mandela from South Africa and Charles Hope from the USA, the young people across the world launch an intensive revolution to influence the world to recognize that human society’s future has to be built on the choices of the youth. Heaven Descends on Our Earth tells the story of this great revolution.

Shankar, born in 1955, lives an exceptionally long life—completing an incredible 145 ye

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Happiness - A Matter of Choice

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  Happiness - A Matter of Choice   The desire to be happy is deeply rooted in every human mind, and almost every action of human beings – right or wrong - is oriented toward feeling good and realizing happiness.           Happiness is the feel  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 07:49 PM

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