Manish Srivastava

Poet, Coach, Facilitator
Poet, Coach, Facilitator

Manish Srivastava is a poet, life coach and facilitator of societal transformation. He is currently a Senior Faculty and Co-Director of Social Presencing Theatre with the Presencing Institute, USA.  Manish works with leaders across business, government, UN and civil society sectors to co-design social innovation labs. He integrates poetry, contemplative art and systems thinking to help leaders collectively sense, own and transform the societal divides. Manish believes that poetry and art can uncover humanity's deepest longings, heal collective wounds, and offer pathways to new possibilities. Read More...


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Midnight Journey of a Seed

Books by Manish Srivastava

What is a crisis worth if it has not transformed you! 

Midnight Journey of a Seed brings to light the deeper story of human resilience in the face of a pandemic. By integrating poetry, anecdotes, art and contemplative practices, the book takes readers on a healing journey and offers pathways to co-create a resilient future.

“We are living in a moment of profound disruption, a moment when one civilisation is ending and a

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Trading Armour for a Flower

Books by Manish Srivastava

Trading Amour for a Flower is a bold poetic inquiry into deeper longings and struggles of a 21st-century man. It offers a pathway for both men and women to transform systemic oppression by discovering the true purpose and power of our inner masculinity. 

Blending poetry and inner-reflections, Manish Srivastava, invites us on a three-part inner journey. Each part explores a threshold that we need to cross to rise beyond gender

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