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Manisha Gaikwad

Manisha Gaikwad is an agriculture assistant in the agriculture department Maharashtra. She has been depressed since she was 12 years old. She believes that ups and downs come in life, but with knowing the importance of the mind, it’s easy to live life without being disturbed.Read More...


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Buddha said that mind is one’s friend as well as the enemy. If understood properly, it is useful. Everyone’s ocean of mind is different. This book is a study of the human mind.

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Struggle is life

By Manisha Gaikwad in General Literary | Reads: 198 | Likes: 1

Girl living in small village. She was very innocent . when she was teenager she saw a dream which is impossible for her during that time she was sick  She has typhoid .and she afraid now how she fulfill her dream .she became mad  Her parents took her in mentality but her will power is stro  Read More...

Published on May 30,2020 05:12 AM

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