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Manoj Shettigar

Manoj Shettigar has dedicated his life to the social development sector, spanning over 20 years, and has been instrumental in impacting over a million lives, including children, youth, and other vulnerable populations through his work. Encountering breakdowns on several fronts nudged him to reappraise his life’s situations through a different lens, unearthing new avenues that made the struggles meaningful and the journey of living far more enduring and worthwhile. The slow-learner label given to his child swiveled him to envisage a re-energized version of his son that was filled with grace aRead More...

Awaken Your Parenting Superpowers

Books by Manoj Shettigar

Awaken Your Parenting Superpowers offers a refreshing perspective on parenting. A plant is unable to receive the powerful energy of the sun when covered with clouds. Likewise, your child is also unable to absorb your greatest inputs when your mind is cluttered with disempowering beliefs of doubt, fear, and uncertainty, despite your noblest intentions. Going beyond the conventional parenting wisdom of solely focusing on your child’s development, this book bri

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