Manya Singh

She’s more than just a writer
She’s more than just a writer

After the success of her first book 'Who Stole the Christmas Cake?', Manya Singh has now come up with her next book, 'A Haunted House on the Hills' written at the age of fourteen. She plans to continue writing a series capturing almost all genres with the same leading characters Clara, Kate and Ariel. Her first book was also featured in the Times of India newspaper. Since childhood, she has had a very creative and imaginative mind. In her early childhood, at the age of seven, she wrote many short stories and poems. At the age of eight, she had deep interest in illustrating her own picture bookRead More...


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A Haunted House on the Hills

Books by Manya Singh

 ‘Vacations aren’t meant to be spent alone when it’s a matter of ghosts’

  "A chill breeze came in. Suddenly, Clara felt as if someone was whispering to her, but to her surprise, Kate and Ariel were fast asleep."

Clara, Kate and Ariel are off on a vacation to meet Uncle Steve Long. Before they could even seek comfort on the couch, strange sounds and sights from a villa started to haunt them. Spooky hil

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Who Stole the Christmas Cake?

Books by Manya Singh

Christmas is just around the corner for three friends Clara, Kate and Ariel. Clara's family is organizing a Christmas party for all her friends, relatives and neighbours. The most rousing part is that the centerpiece of the party is the million dollar Christmas cake but, before these three friends could even celebrate, someone steals the Christmas cake. The girls are in a terrible soup and must catch the thief. Soon they embark upon a trail left out by bizarre

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Mountains are calling

By Manya Singh in General Literary | Reads: 615 | Likes: 1

      Mountains are calling                    -by Manya Singh Life offers us an unexpected bag of events to make us perceive the beauty and worth of the life we are living. Remember, no one leads a perfect life, the choice entirely r  Read More...

Published on Mar 25,2020 02:51 AM

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