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Mark Dysan

Mark Dysan is a pseudonym born out of an anagram of the author’s real name. He is a software engineer from Hyderabad, India. Writing was never on his mind until he won the first place for an English essay writing competition at high school. Since then, he enjoyed writing poems and short stories, mostly for his friends, just to make them read something out of the ordinary and to get to know different perspectives.   The Evil Trance is his first novel.Read More...


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The Evil Trance

Books by Mark Dysan

A seemingly innocuous adult film grabs the attention of a young lad. But the store owner, who also finds himself drawn to it, pays the price for it, with his life.

Enter Dr Mitra, a man of science. He finds his very basic grounding in science threatened, as uncanny events around him propel him to question what he has learned and held onto so far.

Gopi, his junior, and Shukla, a private detective, hop onto the scene even as Feroz, an inspector, is b

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