Mathura Kalauny

Mathura Kalauny, born in Uttarakhand, is an author who has made Bengaluru his home. He is the founder of Kalayan Theatre Group (1988) and Kalayan Hindi Webzine (1999). He is the producer and director at Kalayan.

Formerly a Research Manager at ITC, he has been writing for thirty-six years, and producing and directing plays for twenty-eight years. Kalauny has written over seventeen full-length plays, twelve short satirical plays, four novelettes, one Kahani Sangrah, approximately 150 short stories for major Hindi publications of the country, three radio plays and one play for Doordarshan.

He has been honoured on many platforms, both local and international, and has been invited to read his plays inAntarashtriya Hindi Sammelan in Cambodia, Beijing and Assam-Meghalaya. Kalauny will take you on a profound multi-dimensional journey of self-discovery that will not only expand your awareness, but also push the doors of perception wide open!

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Dhature Ke Beej

Books by Mathura Kalauny

Dhature Ke Beej is a story of a young girl who dared to escape her circumstances, and became an eternal traveler. In one of her journeys, she meets a very unhappy woman for who leads a depressing life. They share their experiences with each other, which gives us a glimpse of the unfathomable depths of human degradation.

Basanti’s father-in-law, Shankar, is a crude, evil and wealthy man. He deals in Dhatura trade and mints money. He develops a false sense of invincibility and thinks nothing of abducting young girls from villages. Basanti’s spineless husband, Kailash, assists his father in his nefarious activities. Unable to change the men in her life, Shankar’s wife, Hardevi, plots to kill her husband. When a crafty Shankar sees through the scheme, Basanti gets involved. Does she manage to outwit Shankar?

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Books by Mathura Kalauny

A hilarious, ingenious plot. Lovable characters. A barrel of laughs.

A case of switched identity – what would switching your life with your long lost friend feel like? And therein lies the humorous tale of Dhruv, the Inventor. Dhruv switches lives with his friend Mahesh due to a quirk of fate and inadvertently lands in an “I-am-you-and-you-are-me” situation where he doesn’t even know the way to the bathroom in his own house!

Bringing up the rear is a crazy family - the harried wife, a philosophical brother who sees the world through an alcoholic haze and a house help with a poetic inclination. And of course, there’s the lovelorn girl-next-door, and wait… even a petty thief.

The play transports the audience to the magical reaches of imagination with its unique plot, witty dialogues, truly hilarious situations and unforgettable characters.

Kayapalat is pure fun!

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