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Madhavi Akshikar

CRAZY ABOUT FOOD Once upon a time in Mumbai there was a girl who loved food, scrumptious delicacies always put her in a good mood. As a teenager she relished every possible dish, be it vegetables, chicken, meat or any kind of fish. Then off she went to London for an MBA to pursue, where her palate evolved and her appetite for all types of food grew. As a management professional she travelled far and wide, living in 8 different countries, made her experience in world cuisine expand side by side. Coming back to India, in 2015 she enrolled for a course in patisserie and baking, this was the startRead More...


Books by Mavii

Do you think Children can't cook? 

Look again into this book 

25 easy recipes that are popular with kids

Get set with your pots and pans & don't forget the lids!


Using turmeric, spinach, carrots, other fruits and 

vegetables that will give "junky" foods a healthy twist. 

There are recipes that you'll love to make & eat in this list


"Good food making & Good food eating" is the new norm

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