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Meenakshi Varier

An Ayurvedic doctor, Meenakshi Varier, is an avid reader and a regular contributor to several blogging platforms. She spent her early childhood in Mumbai and completed schooling in Bahrain. A silent observer, she has a knack for translating what she sees to words. This passion drew her in to the world of writing. She is now a homemaker and lives in Chennai with her husband and two sons.Read More...



Books by Meenakshi Varier

Serendipity is an eclectic mix of poems that talks about feelings, loss, relationships, love, falling and then rising back up. A steaming cup of tea and song of rain could set the perfect backdrop for reading this collection. If you are lulled to sleep in the lap of Nature, you would probably want to start living after hearing what Autumn Leaves have to say. A Caged Woman's Cry takes you to the dark realms of a mind treading

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Humanity...learn to appreciate more

By Meenakshi Varier in Poetry | Reads: 417 | Likes: 0

I have a love-hate relationship with todayToday when I'm confined within these wallsThe walls could become my home, when there is loveOtherwise, they are just tall meaningless boundaries that deprive freedom to my soulI am at peace when I know that my loved ones are right beside meBut seeing them al  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 09:00 AM

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