Motivational speaker
Motivational speaker

Meera. N is working as an Assistant Professor of English at Loyola College, Chennai. This anthology titled “Megathin Kuzhandai” is her maiden entry into the world of Poetry. She writes poems and stories both in Tamil and English. She has contributed her works to various anthologies and e-magazines. As a Nephophile, she dedicates her time to watch and click pictures of the magnificent clouds. She enjoys dancing apart from reading and writing. She strongly believes in Time and its mission.    Read More...


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மேகத்தின் குழந்தை

Books by மீரா. நா

மேகத்தின் குழந்தை

மழை ஓர் மெய்ப்பொருள்.

மெய் மயக்கும் மாலை வேளையில் நான் மெய் மறந்து உதிர்த்த வார்த்தைகள் சில, கவிதைகளாய். இக்கவிதை நூல் உங்கள் மனம் சுமக்கும் வலிகளை

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Turbulent waves and tranquil sea!

By N. MEERA in Poetry | Reads: 71 | Likes: 0

I drift to reach the shore,  but attracted  by his overwhelmed tranquility, I trace my path back. For he is the sea and  I'm his waves !!   Read More...

Published on Feb 15,2021 09:18 AM

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