Meera Shivashankar

Meera Shivashankar has been writing, teaching and managing to acquire a different qualification, every year, for the last six years. Having been a psychologist and later an author, with three published books, she believes a person can discover themselves and grow through writing. She also believes a lifetime is not long enough to learn all that a person wants to learn. She is a Cambridge-qualified teacher, specializing in the English language components of various competitive exams. She also teaches English to school students. Between Now and Forever is her fourth novel. It marks a significant departure from her usual fare as she has pursued multiple characters and multiple issues to create an intricate plot woven together by love. Her interests include music, theatre, blog writing and reading Shakespeare. She has traveled widely and now lives in Chennai with her husband Shiv and her two boys Prithvi and Pranav. To know more about Meera visit www.meerashiva.com or email her at meerashivashankar@gmail.com. To connect with her on Facebook log on to www.facebook.com/meerashiva Read More...

Between Now and Forever

Books by Meera Shivashankar

The road to redemption is the one less taken. But when one decides to take the road, it is with this gumption and faith – “Come what may, I will face it because at the end of the road is my peace!”

Hotshot California-based businessman, Abhimanyu Singh is responsible for the death of his pregnant girlfriend, Samantha Sen - an attractive Los Angeles - based attorney, in an unfortunate car crash. He walks out alive, a shattered man, realising he will

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