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Meeta Joshi

Born in Almora, Uttarakhand on the 13th of July in 1972, Meeta was born blessed. Profoundly spiritual, she was into meditation and yoga from her initial years. A pure and loving person at heart, she has helped and influenced several people’s lives through her knowledge of tarots and energy healing. She can be contacted on jmeeta02@gmail.com and www.energeyhealermeeta.comRead More...


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Lakshmi Calling

Books by Meeta Joshi

Lakshmi Calling is a compilation of all my experiences as a tarot card reader and an energy healer.

It tells bittersweet tales of my struggle with money, finding myself and emerging positively. Life is a journey in which we come across many people who teach us in numerous ways. Thus, I have mentioned my family, friends and pets who have significantly helped me with my growth.

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