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Mona Sharma Gupta

Mona Sharma Gupta, a Post Graduate in Political Science from Hindu College, Delhi has been a kindergarten teacher for many years now. Having done her schooling from Dhaka, Vancouver and Moscow, she started her teaching career with Doha Modern Indian School, Doha, Qatar, and went on to teach in elementary schools in Delhi and Dhaka. Presently a facilitator at DPS, R.K Puram, New Delhi, she loves being with children for the love, affection, innocence and charisma that the early learners sprinkle and spread.   Having worked for All India Radio and Radio Dwarka, storytelling and singing are tRead More...


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Tender Times

Books by Mona Sharma Gupta

Come and explore the mesmerizing world of songs and rhymes,

For it effortlessly takes us into magical times,

Where learning the fun way is a tradition,

Making each day a celebration.

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By Mona Sharma Gupta in Poetry | Reads: 121 | Likes: 0

Mysterious Dreams…   Which gully do you come from Which lane do you vanish into   Neither a knock nor the doorbell Neither a hug nor an embrace   Do you come to befriend me Do you come to alarm me   I love the good times I shove the frightening one   Who gives you the  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 02:05 AM


By Mona Sharma Gupta in Poetry | Reads: 114 | Likes: 0

Bliss or Blunder   I often wonder Whether human activities are a bliss or a blunder   What exactly did the creator desire At present, the scenario is full of fire   Who is accountable for all this mess We all may be a part of it, no less   Nothing works, be it aid or diplomacy Co  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 02:02 AM


By Mona Sharma Gupta in Poetry | Reads: 110 | Likes: 0

A STRANGER …   A stranger, a complete stranger… Engulfs my mind Enlightens the air Takes over me   Knocks on my heart Caresses my hands Strokes my tresses Takes over me     Imagined touch Penetrating eyes Twinkling smile Takes over me   Grip of thoughts Threads  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 01:59 AM


By Mona Sharma Gupta in Poetry | Reads: 117 | Likes: 0

Secrets.. A well of emotions Over flowing with tears and laughter galore A cryptic  alliance Secrets…   A plethora of sentiments Laden with bittersweet memories A mystic journey Secrets…  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 01:58 AM


By Mona Sharma Gupta in Poetry | Reads: 126 | Likes: 0

There Was A  Time... There was a time when there were no mobile Every household not own a landline Yet people exchanged pleasantries and stayed in touch There was a time when writing letters was not a thing of the past The robust letter box splashed joy and a sense of belonging Yet, not many wo  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 01:56 AM


By Mona Sharma Gupta in Poetry | Reads: 116 | Likes: 0

ONCE UPON A TIME.... If we look back towards time Do we hear synchronizing chimes Peek through the hazy memory lane What did we lose and what did we gain There was truly more love, more compassion As if attachment and respect was a fashion The bond between families spoke heaps Relatives, friend  Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 01:51 AM

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