Dr. M. L. BHAT

DR.M.L.BHAT was born in a tiny village in Kashmir. He has been living as a refugee in his own country for the last thirty years. He is a victim of the militancy in Kashmir.  He retired as Professor of Chemistry. He is married to Champa Dhar. He has two children and spends his retired life in Jammu and Singapore.



Books by Dr. M. L. BHAT

This book is primarily intended for intermediate and undergraduate students. It discusses the role of bio-inorganic chemistry in our daily existence and elucidates the importance of essential metals in our daily life. There is historical coverage of the structure of atom from 95-55 BC to 1927 for the benefit of science students in general and

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Secrets of Heart

Books by Dr. M. L. BHAT

The book “Secrets of Heart” Impulses is an attempt to unravel the two puzzles: Intelligence and consciousness, in the light of the viewpoints of three great philosophers of the world. The book highlights the heights of Hinduism, the fountain head of Vedic Literature. The Beauty in Trinity, the Power of Intuition, and the Holiness of Sacred Numbers has been dealt with. The most Sacred

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Odyssey of Kashmiri Pandits

Books by Dr. M. L. BHAT

This book The Odyssey of Kashmiri Pandits presents the pathetic life of Kashmiri Pandits in exile. The Mass Exodus from their homes in the year 1990, have left them as refugees in their own country. The original inhabitants of Kashmir, scattered all over the world, are now haunted by nostalgia of Paradise on Earth. They were hounded out, after inflicting taunts, physical abuse, miseries, loot, and selective killing. The ex

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