Mukesh Jagdish Anand

Mukesh Jagdish Anand, resident of Kashipur, a mythical city of the land of god, Uttarakhand has graduated from Kumaon University and is currently a teacher. “Rishton Ka Bakheda” is his first novel, written by many years of hard work and tireless efforts. At the time his compositions were being published in the journals and many compositions have been broadcasted on radio. He likes adventurous games such as paragliding, swimming and skydiving.


Rishton Ka Bakheda

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There are some spiritual relationships in the journey of life which we choose ourselves. These relationships stand on a delicate cord of faith. What if we break the limits and smash this cord? “Rishton Ka Bakheda” will prove to be the world's first novel based on the ups and downs of such delicate relationships, whose knock will be directly on your mind and heart. By this, you will be filled with love, passion, inspiration and happiness. In

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