Munishwar Vasudeva

Munnishwar Vasudeva’s professional journey in the corporate sector was a great success. But in his childhood, his family lived on state subsidy for fuel, food, studies and clothing with the hope that things will get better. His mother’s religious disciplined rituals inspired his life and his father ensured the best of education was given to him, making the onset of corporate life meaningful. The sense of insecurity works as a positive asset that made him fearless. What he received from his mother spiritually also gave him energy and he never got tired of professional ambitions. The lessons from his father like see no evil, hear no evil made a lot of sense. Experiments on Ahimsa principles with the seniors and co-workers led him to believe in the relevance of corporate non-violence. Looking back at the journey and counting his earnings, he understands that he still has a positive balance of wealth and knowledge. It will be satisfying if his experiences on corporate ahimsa that has been shared in this book manage to send the messages of ahimsa to all his colleagues. Post-graduation in engineering from IIT was a contrasting experience to having a job in a company with a few hundred thousand dollars turnover. Real survival in the beginning of the professional career earned taught him tough lessons that were worth a lot more than a salary. Transition to a company that was worth a few million dollars further tested his wits – earning more money, gaining more knowledge and getting unconventional lessons. An eventful transfer into a big corporate worth a few billions with more than thousand colleagues allowed bigger experimentation and resulted in big learning. A journey to the senior level is like a journey of a technician turning into a politician – it is very tough and requires a great survival skills. At the height of his professional career, while writing this book, all his innovations seemed way smaller and insignificant than his experiments with ahimsa principles. Read More...

Corporate Non Violence (Ahimsa)

Books by Munishwar Vasudeva

Generations have perished waiting for their kings, politicians and corporate leaders to change their lives for the better. The war between good and evil is still ongoing. Zero decibel level sounds deafen the conscience of the mortals. It is rare to find time for introspection. Everyone knows about the forbidden apples but do nothing about them.

Very few are inspired to follow the messages of angels. A good lyricist, a script writer and an inventor have e

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