J Muthu Kumar

J. Muthu Kumar, born in 1962, is an oil and gas management consultant. He had travelled more than thirty countries on business and leisure in the last thirty years. His unique work in the field of oil and gas takes him to remote locations and to meet people of extreme diversity — from the board room with CEOs and Chairpersons to bankers and investors, engineers, supervisors and operators to native tribes inside dense forests, nomads in barren deserts, mariners in deep oceans, modern men and women in developed rich countries and underdeveloped poor countries. His extensive travel and workRead More...


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Not the Second Sex

Books by J. M. Kumar

Not the Second Sex is about some of the women I had met around the world in the last thirty years. These women had instilled a firm belief in me that women are in fact not the second sex and that a man appears to be superior only because they allow him to be so.


“All that investment is only for removing the dress and become naked at the end of the day in front of a man,” Krishna said to Laila, a

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