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Maneesha Agrawal

MVG (Maneesha Agrawal) is the authoress of this book, this being her second published work. Her first book, ‘From Zero To One – the story of Manu’ was well received by her readers and has garnered rave reviews from amongst the readers and critics both. The book was based on the story of Manu – a tale travelling since timeworn ages surpassing all the boundaries of country, region and religion. The book’s success was an achievement and it delivered the author an acceptance with the readers as a singular writer, who is able to present rationalized fiction (though based on facts) spun around captivating folklore.


MVG is a writer driven by an honesty in her perception. Her intense knowledge of ancient Indian history which she has garnered through her reading preferences gets clearly manifested in her work. She has a knack dealing with the past, shuffling through the sheets of unfamiliar chronicles – an eminence that has now encouraged her to write this second book. Ms. Maneesha is a widely travelled voyager, with a penchant for exploring pieces of history shroud under the wraps of time slumbering at strange, obscure places. It has often led her to discovering new faces and facets of tales told and retold since centuries.



This is her passion, of knowing the unknown and creating fiction around facts that binds the two together…in an irresistible narrative! Read on to believe!


From Zero to One

Books by MVG (Maneesha Agrawal)

"According to the popular folklore, after the great floods, a lonely and desolate Manu had tied his boat to a high Himalayan cliff at the modern day Manali (which derives its current name from Manu - namely Manu's Sthali - the land of Manu)."

"He leads the way for a new civilization to ultimately emerge as the progenitor of a new race known after him - the Manushyas, or Manavas (meaning followers of Manu - the Hindi term by which human beings are address

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By Maneesha Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 100 | Likes: 1

Thriving alone  As a heap of stones  Cherishing the warmth  That once shone.  I've seen  Mornings that delved  In sun-soaked dawn  When beaming rays beheld  The dancing feet of glorious sanctity  Marvelled by human genius  Crafted  Conferred to  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 10:08 PM

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