Nabam Serbang

Nabam Serbang was born in Arunachal Pradesh.

He is a former Multinational Corporate software engineer. He was involved in the software development of the early 4G mobile revolutionary technology. He currently is a CEO of a software startup company based in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India. 

Apart from developing computer software, he loves words and likes to weave words. He loves to express himself best in written words. Voice of Silence is his debut book. Every author’s first work always has a slice of himself in it. This is no exception.


Voice of Silence

Books by Nabam Serbang

We don’t really say a word when truly in love. Do we? The silence says it all. Our hearts hear the voice of silence while our mind hears the sounds of the word.

The silent voice stirs the nerves of the heart while the word stirs the nerves of the brain. The state of silence is the origin of everything, as pure as God.

God is love as love is a God who speaks in silence, silently. Love is best spoken in silence to the silent heart. The best feeling

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