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Nachiketa Das

Professor Nachiketa Das is a scientist, an academic, an administrator, a creative writer, a practitioner of Kaya Yoga and an activist to save this land. Professor Das is dedicated to the promotion of water conservation, groundwater recharge by the construction of a very large number of micro-dams, the excavation of rivers, afforestation and preservation of water quality. Professor Das also promotes international relations and the quality of human life worldwide. Professor Das possesses an outstanding academic career that includes an M.Sc. in Geology (Environmental Sciences) from the JawaharlaRead More...

Save This Land

Books by Nachiketa Das

Save This Land discusses some topical issues of the environment. In each of the six chapters, a topic is chosen, the problem is analysed, the dangers are described and the solutions are presented with an appeal to all for proaction to save this land. The imminent desertification caused by deforestation of land, amply served by the monsoon, must be averted by the construction of hundreds of thousands of micro-dams. The threat of sea level rise needs to be comba

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Rejection of Racial Equality Bill 

Books by Shizuka Imamoto

Japan, as an ally of Britain since the signing of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 1902, entered the First World War at British request. During the war, Japan fought Germany in Asia and afforded protection to Australia.

After the cessation of hostilities of the Great War, a peace conference was convened in Paris that commenced on 18 January 1919 and concluded on 28 April 1919, after some three and a half months of intense debate, discussions and negotiat

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Books by Nachiketa Das Ph.D

Kaya Yoga is a holistic system of health and well-being attained through the disciplined practice of a series of processes that start with a proper diet. Kaya Yoga lays emphasis on the proper intake of air, consumption of water, and a balanced diet. It encourages the regular practice of the very best postures of asana, praanaayama, the techniques of mastiska sanchaalana, bandha, mudraa, and the cleansing of the interior.

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