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Nafiesa is an expressionist, poetess, writer and thinker. The Unsaid is her first collection of expressions through poetry. As a kid, she loved to talk to the moon, the stars and the rain, and when they spoke back, she captured it all on pieces of paper, and that’s how her journey as a writer began. For the past several years, she has been exploring her voice as a writer. She is based out of Mumbai, where she lives with her husband and two beautiful children. When she is not writing, she loves listening and talking to her children, and learning the true meaning of life from them. She also loRead More...

The Unsaid

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When I sat in solitude,

I found my existence.

For that solitude was needed for me to strive,

To strive to find answers to my questions,

Which were hidden deep inside me.

So, I wrote till my heart opened up

And my pen could survive.

For I found answers to my Unsaid thoughts,

Which lay deep inside me…


“I romance with m

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