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Nag Mani

Nag Mani is an alumnus of one of the elite boarding schools of the country – Sherwood College, Nainital. After having spent eight wonderful years in the picturesque landscape, he has penned down some of his experiences into his first novel. He is currently pursuing B.Tech from Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE). Besides writing, he loves gymnastics, trekking and chess. Read More...


Books by Nag Mani

Somewhere in a faraway village, there is the ruin of an ancient temple where no one worships. If you happen to come across it someday, you should bow your head and walk away. Do not be tempted to go in, and temped you will be, for the Devi of the temple grants wishes. But she must be promised something in return… Aditi talked to the stars when she was married to a man ten years older than herself, and they whispered to her that she was responsible for her o

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The Green Room

Books by Nag Mani

Queen Victoria School, Nainital.

Founded: 1855.

She wears an old uniform,” Nisha continued, “pale white face, dark shadows around her eyes. She is often seen sitting on this very chair. And it is said that the chair is always found in front of the mirror no matter where you leave it.

Rohan Agarwal has been appointed the manager of a play, and how excited

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