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Nalin Wadhwa

Nalin is a 12-year-old wonderboy, born and brought up in Delhi and is a very special child who loves to write Hindi poems and satire. He is afflicted by autism spectrum disorder and is a non-verbal child, but that has not stopped him from following his dreams in life. He is a keen observer and thinker, and he writes poetry on the situations of life in his own way. It is his way of communicating with the world and elucidate his interpretations.  Nalin’s poetry gives an insight into the world of these talented and mindful angels, who are often less understood and frequently misundersRead More...

राम कथा

Books by नलिन वाधवा

कवि  की  कलम  से —

छोटा सा में हूं बच्चा,

लिखूं मैं खुद पर क्या अच्छा,

मेरे दिल से निकली गाथा,

पढ़ लो तुम यह राम कथा।

इसमें है एक परंपरा,

जो है सिखाती जीने

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