Geeta Narayan

Geeta Narayan is a housewife. She had the passion for writing since childhood. Many of her compositions have been published in local daily Hindi newspapers. Her struggles and pain reflect in some of her poems.

In the early stage of her writing, she wrote the shayari & ghazals, which are compiled in this book. She has also written some essays and articles but is mainly fond of writing poems.

Hindi literature has influenced her since childhood; Premchand’s compositions and the poetry of Mahadevi Verma have been the source of her inspiration.


भाव सागर

Books by गीता नारायण

'भाव-सागर' अपने नाम के ही अनुरूप भावनाओं का उफ़नता सागर है, जिसमे रचनाकार ने अपने मन में उठते भावों को कविताओं और शायरी के माध्यम से समेटने का प्रयास किया है। लगभग २५ सालों का यह संक

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