Naresh Raghvan

Naresh Raghvan is a Mechanical Engineer and has an MBA as well. He has over thirty-two years of driving experience across 8 countries. His mechanical engineering degree coupled with his experience of running a garage in Hyderabad in the 1980’s helped him better understand the physics of driving. He holds driving licenses from India, USA and Dubai and has driven both LHD and RHD cars. He also has track racing experience on bikes and cars. Naresh has been trained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, USA) in ‘Defensive car driving’ and by the Motorcycle Read More...


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TopDriver 2-Wheeler EZ Driving Booklet

Books by Naresh Raghavan

Based on the success of ‘TopDriver Car and Bike driving Handbook’ Naresh has written this easy to use booklet for 2-wheeler riders.

In today’s busy world not everyone may have the time to read books, for such people this booklet will be very handy.

It has about 50 images, easy to read and contains plenty of nifty tips to keep you safe on 2 wheels! Read it and share the tips with friends. Friends help friends ride safe. Good luck and enjoy the

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TopDriver Car & Bike driving handbook

Books by Naresh Raghvan

Ever wondered if there is a way to drive on our Indian roads without getting into an accident? The good news is it’s possible! Most people think that there are too many bad drivers out there, so even if you follow the rules others may involve you in an accident. The truth is that by following rules, learning advanced driving techniques and defensive driving techniques you can ensure a lifetime of safe driving. There are thousands of people who do this all ov

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