Natalie Fernandes Motha

Natalie Fernandes Motha is an author, wife and [link removed]  to three precious ones and a stay-at-home mom (initially by choice, but after that no choice!). This phase of her life gave birth to an inspirational journey – Natalie Inspires – in which she chooses to inspire others, her family and herself to seek spirituality (Christ in every aspect of one’s life), true happiness (gratitude and positivity) and to maintain good health (mind, body and soul). The first stop on her journey, Moms on the Moove, is a book that begins with gratitude and inspiration. Having moved tRead More...


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When Mommie Prays

Books by Natalie Fernandes Motha

WHEN MOMMIE PRAYS is Natalie’s personal journey in prayer, as a mother, over the past 16 years. It was written with the intent to inspire mommies to pray for and over their children, empowering them with simple prayer tools from the Bible. Within the covers of this book, you will find prayers that she has learned from the Bible; prayers taught to her by her mother, mentors, friends and other mothers; prayers she has learned over the past 16 year

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Moms on the Moove

Books by Natalie Fernandes Motha

Moving. If the very word makes you panic and want to stay in one place, here’s the book for you!

Written by veteran Mom on the Moove, Natalie Fernandes Motha, this book will gear you with everything you and your family needs to set up base in a new city.

Travel along with Natalie as she walks you through her inspiring journey,and meet her friends and family who helped her along the way.

As you move, leave behind negativity

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Lockdown or Locked - In?

By Natalie Fernandes Motha in General Literary | Reads: 209 | Likes: 0

Lockdown or Locked-in?  Choices, choices & more choices! Life is full of them; once you make one, it comes with a consequence. A consequence, you can choose to love & live with or leave & walk away from.  You choose. During this lockdown, why not look at this ‘lockdown&r  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 12:55 PM

A QuaranTeam.

By Natalie Fernandes Motha in General Literary | Reads: 365 | Likes: 0

A QuaranTeam. Whilst we give a shout-out to our medical workers, our civil service employees, sanitary workers, bank employees, journalists, farmers, pharmacy workers, mail carriers, factory workers, grocery suppliers, utility workers, our frontrunners, army & military forces and all those who a  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 12:48 PM

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