Kala Natrajan

Ms. Kala Natrajan is well educated and has done her M.Com, CAIIB, Diploma in treasury investment and risk management and MBA in finance. She was a banker by profession and has worked for more than three decades in a public sector bank. She is a philanthropist and. has special interest in social work and helping the poor and the underprivileged. She has written this book particularly to add value to the world. She is of the view that everyone should lead a purposeful life and be a contributing member to the world. The author’s life itself is a great inspiration to others. The way she has Read More...


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Books by Kala Natrajan

Change your mindset from negative to positive in areas you feel stuck in your life. Have a positive attitude and see your life opening up. Read wonderful real life stories of people who changed their mindset and became winners.  The book contains 5 chapters which will give an insight on having a healthy mindset and thereby a super awesome life.

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Empower Yourself

Books by Kala Natrajan

The book is targeted at empowering all people, irrespective of their age. It will help people respect themselves and have a positive attitude towards life. Overall, Empower Yourself is designed to help people have better relationships, satisfying careers and lead a fulfilling life.

Various topics have been covered in this book which will give an overall perspective about leading a greater life for themselves and also contributing to the world in a posit

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Spirit of Never giving up

By Kala Natrajan in True Story | Reads: 242 | Likes: 0

Everybody undergoes challenges in life.    But mine is a big and unique challenge wherein I struggled hard as a child and the impact of it kept persisting in my life even at a later age. My life goes like this- I was born into a lower middle class family. My family consisted of my mat  Read More...

Published on May 27,2020 10:03 PM

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