Nawab Nazeer Yar Jung

Hailing from the Noble ‘Paigah’ Family of Hyderabad, Nawab Nazeer Yar Jung was born with an intense passion for animals. His maiden venture into the Sport of Dogs was when he walked into the Show Ring with his Cocker Spaniel at the Ooty Dog Show in 1935. Ever since, he has ruled the Show Ring with his presence, both as an exhibitor and as a judge. It is very difficult to either compare or surpass Nawab Saab’s experience with his canine friends, as the following records indicate. He has owned and bred over three thousand dogs in his lifetime. He has dominated the Sport of pure bred Dogs iRead More...


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Strolling through the Jungles

Books by Nawab Nazeer Yar Jung

Strolling through the Jungles is a paean to the author Nawab Nazeer Yar Jung’s immense passion for all God’s creatures.

Nawab Saab transports us back in time, capturing his adventures and encounters with wild life in the jungle, in the company of his faithful friends, his beloved doggy family. In this book he pays tribute to all the animals that have left a mark in his life.

The book also deals with the history of the Eastern Coursing Hound, t

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