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Nazam is a self-confessed people’s person and a self-professed agony aunt to many around. A workaholic to the core and in love with her life, she enjoys interacting with new people, exploring new places, and learning new things. She has travelled extensively around the world and observed people closely. Her observations about life and people are the essence of this book on quotes.   She is a postgraduate in Computer Science and Management. She conducts Communication Skills and Personality Development classes at several institutes. She loves to motivate and inspire kids and yoRead More...


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Confessions of a Happy Woman

Books by Nazam Riar

If a piece of writing doesn’t stimulate your mind or trigger some feelings in your heart, I wonder if it's worth your time or even a read. This book promises to do both!

Are you a woman whoneeds to grab some coffee for her soul?

Are you a tech-slaved guy who is searching for real happiness in this virtual world?

Do you crave your own company?

Is your life mantra same as mine—live your life in a way your epitaph reads ‘No regrets

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With love, To the Ever-Locked-down Woman

By Nazam Riar in Poetry | Reads: 429 | Likes: 8

Ah! Every nook and cranny of the house is spic- and- span Now, it is my turn to clean the hidden realms of my heart too And bring to the surface the buried desires from my lowest ebb That didn’t experience a single ray of sun light Like the unborn child dead in mother’s womb. They went   Read More...

Published on May 2,2020 04:29 PM

Can We Measure Pain?

By Nazam Riar in Poetry | Reads: 846 | Likes: 19

Can We Measure Pain ?  If there was a way to measure pain  who would you consider is suffering the most ?  the ones locked down in their houses arguing with their beaus over the best way to kill time or the mental health patient who doesn’t even know what has gone wrong could it  Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 04:46 PM

This too Shall Pass

By Nazam Riar in Poetry | Reads: 713 | Likes: 15

This too shall pass  Tears  roll down my cheeks intermittently seeing the state of the world and the life around us that has come to a stand still is this the lesson we have to learn ? to imbibe in our lives for the times to come? Dark clouds have descended upon the world all over But I se  Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 01:49 AM

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