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Neerja Singh

Three generational books, a YouTube channel on gen-next, a professional column on keeping pace with the young, a university gold medal in philosophy, life design programs for teens and a signature “Millennial Mantra”, Neerja Singh is personally invested in turning generational differences into dividends at work and home with humour and candour. Aprofessional speaker on harnessing generational diversity, she calls herself the ‘Seenager’ or the senior teenager. Website: https://neerjasingh.com Email:  neerja@neerjasingh.comRead More...

OK Gen Z

Books by Neerja Singh

A society is defined by its young. Gen Z (born 1996 to 2015), mankind’s newest, is amid the greatest collective trauma since the Great Depression and World War II. Is it any wonder then that at the heart of this generation is a search for truth? As global connectivity soars, generational shifts will affect behaviour far more than socioeconomic differences. Young people are potent influencers today. Gen Z is compelling others to adapt to them. But what all ha

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Silver Surfers

Books by Neerja Singh

Far more silvers are capable and inclined to stay longer in the game

The 21st century demography is changing and the world needs to wake up. 

By 2050 there will be more 60 plus silvers than children under 5 years of age.

The Silver Tsunami is here to stay and soar.

Here are 13 inspiring stories from stellar silvers who challenge the cult of youth by their living.

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No Time to Be Young

Books by Neerja Singh

This generation gap is visceral. It can cause parental estrangement, mental sickness and in extreme cases, loss of life today. 

Young adults lock themselves behind doors in homes. Teenagers battle emotional rejections. Children suffer angst too early in life. Heavily invested parents stand by, confused, scared and wildly improvising.

It is time to bring this inter-generational disconnect out of the echo chambers where it currently rages.&nbs

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Googly Gaathas

Books by Neerja Sangha

Man is born. He dies. Between the two events lies his tragicomic lifetime, a cocktail of emotions, thoughts, ideas and actions. He bobs along under the delusion of a well-planned order but life awaits him at blind turns. He may then howl, shards tearing into his soul or he may choose to let the blood sing in his veins. In either case, the mask slips often.

Rather than charge like the Light Brigade, most mince along, watching their step, glancing behind,

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