Neha Bisht

Artist - oil and watercolour

Neha Bisht is an artist and a writer. Her primary medium of painting is oil colours. Her pen name is Nehab. She is a follower and advocate of Energy Healing practices for the complete and holistic well-being of self and environment. Her art and writing are aligned with “Soul Healing” in the beautiful array of words and colours that dance to the music of her thoughts.

Neha has been painting ever since she held a pencil. She is a self-taught artist. She learned art during her schooling. Later, Neha studied art by studying the art of great masters. Mainly the European and Russian masters. Her art is heavily influenced by European & Russian art styles and genres. Many artists, photographers and connoisseurs of art have been part of her art learning & exploring journey. Writing is her other passion. Together, painting and writing are her blessed wings of freedom.

Neha Bisht has worked as a freelance contributor with leading newspapers and has many published articles to her credit. She has also done children's book illustrations. 

Academically, she is a graduate in European History, Psychology & English Literature with Diploma in Journalism.

A teacher by profession, Neha quit her job in 2008 due to certain life situations. Ever since she has devoted my energies to fine art and to healing and wellness practices.

It took Neha Bisht, alias Nehab years of devotion to create these paintings. Today, with this book “Meandering Brush”, Neha finally presents her thought and concept of, - “Soul Healing through Art”

Meandering Brush is a book exhibit of her thought and art that offers “Art for the Soul” and promotes well-being of mind and soul.



Books by Neha Bisht

Meandering Brush is a journey of the soul. It is a marriage of beautiful landscapes and verses that express emotions in all their myriad hues. The soulful paintings and poignant verses tell the story of many hearts. A story of love in all its hues.

Soul heals with the stimulus it receives from the 5 senses. Sight is one of them.

Aligned with the concept of “healing the soul”, these soul landscapes and verses spread the powerf

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