Nidhi Dhanwani


Nidhi Dhanwani is a 21-year-old modern poet who writes to cope with existence. Almost all her anecdotes comprise of her high school library, war poetry and Emily Dickinson. She practices slam poetry, alone in her room. She also struggles with anxiety about the bugs in her room not liking her poetry. She occasionally tries to paints parts of her body to turn her poetry into a performance art piece. Her book also features original artwork by Supriya Yenpure, another young artist and illustrator. Nidhi has put shreds of her soul into Paradox while having worked on it for around three years. As yoRead More...



Books by Nidhi Dhanwani

This anthology portrays the perspective and idea of what poetry means to the poet. The writing is inspired by personal experiences, wishful thinking and numerous artists the author fell in love with. This book aims to be a sanctuary to those seeking a sense of resemblance and love on all kinds of days. It encapsulates the author’s emotions as she balances her struggles by befriending words. The motivation behind this piece of work is to simply introduce you

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