Mr Nilakanta Siva’s initial education was in Delhi, and the final years in school were in Mumbai. After graduating with Physics and Mathematics, he went to IIT, Chennai, for post-graduate studies. He started working with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre’s Nuclear Physics Division.  His command of the English language was responsible for him being nominated to lead the public awareness programs and to collate media relations in highlighting the benefits of atomic energy in addition to his assigned research. Mr Nilakanta Siva, who espoused nuclear physics, as he loves to call his profession as a nuclear physicist, comes across as a very optimistic and successful cancer conqueror with no inhibitions in ascribing his bladder cancer to the misdemeanours of salad days.

Both he and his wife, Rajalakshmi Siva, have dedicated themselves to the task of spreading awareness of life after cancer and reiterating that cancer entertains no mercy petitions. They have two dozen publications to their credit. Their expressions are profound enough to make the readers think logically. The style of their writing is commendable.  He insists that the conversion of “you cancer” into “you can, sir” aided by women was what outsmarted the crawling crab.


நலம் பேணுதலில் மங்கையர் பங்கு

Books by NILAKANTA SIVA / திரு. நீலகண்ட சிவா

Nalam Penuthalil Mangayar Pangu’ reflects the editor’s realisation of the extent to which women were involved in

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Role of Women in Curative Care

Books by NILAKANTA SIVA / திரு. நீலகண்ட சிவா

This book reflects the Editor’s realization of the extent to which women were involved in his five-year battle with the crawling crab and the consequent rapid recovery and rehabilitation after surgery for bladder cancer.  It is an elucidation of women’s immeasurable contributio

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When Thoughts Invade the Cancer Conqueror

Books by NILAKANTA SIVA / திரு. நீலகண்ட சிவா

There is no escaping the crimes of the past, discovers Kuppuswamy. The price for smoking away his youth has to be paid. And pay he does, in the form of gross hematuria and bladder cancer. While cancer eats away at his insides, Kuppuswamy does not let it kill his spirit to fight. Fortunately, he is not all alone in this battle, as an army of doctors, support staff, family and friends come to his aid in full force. As he wages a war against the dreaded disease,

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