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On a mission to become the reason someone believes in kindness, Nishi Agrawal pens down poems, which, considering wherever you’re reading this makes perfect sense. She dreamt of becoming an IAS Officer along with being a successful writer. Before writing, she used to get into the situation along with her deep thoughts to get the appropriate writing. She lives with her parents along with one elder brother. Inspired from experiences, her poems revolve around the themes of various termed situations like destructive phase (such as betrayal, depression and much more), turns out into a pleasant phRead More...


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Waking up the Survivor in You

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There are certain injuries which won’t affect people physically, but break them completely… inch by inch mentally.

Many people in this vast universe suffer mentally due to various ups and downs in their life, which turns out their life in such a situation, where people are completely ready to give up.

Waking up the Survivor in You deals with the same phases and situations, along with some re-germination thoughts.


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Dil ko Apki Aadat hogyi

By Nishi Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 203 | Likes: 1

Par ab.. kuch yun ho raha hai.. Jaise apko bhi mujhse pyaar ho raha hai.. batein shuru hogyi.. reasons kam hogyi.. time kam hogye.. lamhe jayada hogyi.. physical meeting kam hogyi.. yadein jayada hogye.. silwate kam hogye.. khilkhilahat jayada hogyi.. nakhre kam hogye.. pyaar jayada hogya... milne k  Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2020 09:26 PM


By Nishi Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 242 | Likes: 2

Yaar, zaruri hai kya ki dosti hamesha dono side se nibhayi jaye.. Ek pyaar de to kafi nhi kya.. jo dono se pyaar ki ummeed rakhi jaye... Ek khus hai to kafi nhi kya.. jo dono ki khushi zaruri samjhi jaye... Ek sath de to kafi nahi kya.. jo dono se expectations rakhi jaye... Apne hisab se jo nibhayi   Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2020 04:28 PM

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