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Ms. Nitika Das is a very young writer. Since the age of twelve, writing has been her favourite hobby that later turned into something that she lives for. She says that writing soothes her. It is serene and beautiful. During her schooldays she was appreciated for her talent. She believes that writing is not what one thinks about but what one feels. She believes that your dream is something that makes you feel alive and her dream was to become a successful writer. This story is her first effort to become one. “Writer,” this is how she wants to be known as.Read More...


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You and Me

Books by Nikita Das

This book You and Me, is a collection of the grisly storms and beautiful rain of emotions – love, intimacy and heartbreak. The emotions we go through when in love with someone. 

Every one of us in this whole wide world needs love, but there is often a price to pay with our hearts and bodies.

This book is a little effort to share the chill and the tingling sensations that the heart gives to the body while holding hands, while leaving

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Turn Around Once

Books by Nitika Das

“He was smitten with her ever since they knew each other.

By the time she came to know about this, he had lost her.

But then when he finally got her back, she had lost him.”

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The Script

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I had never considered myself as someone who was self-centred until I had to break your heart to keep mine from rotting completely. We had always been like the two opposite sides of a see-saw; always perfectly imbalanced. One is always down by the other and the ridiculous thing was I was always h  Read More...

Published on Apr 5,2020 04:51 PM

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