Nitish Krishna

Banglore, India

Nitish is a Business and Market Intelligence consultant currently working with Genpact. He has an MBA degree from Ohio University with a total experience of eight years in strategic and business research. His passions include collecting old comics, writing stories, reading and travelling. Nitish lives with his family in Bangalore.

The Mystery of Bila Landis his first book. The story is inspired from a dream he had at the age of twelve.

Nitish is currently working on his second book, Quest for the lost land, which will complete the fascinating journey of Vibhas.


Nitish can be contacted at


“A warrior is meditating at the foot of a giant snow-capped mountain, surrounded by vibrant flowers, lush green fields and a flowing water stream. A warrior is sitting inside a dark cave with a large hole on the roof from where the water is falling onto his head. A warrior is fighting a battle. There is chaos all around … there is fire all around … the destruction has begun.” What do these dreams signify for Vibhas? Why are these visuals hounding him for the past fifteen years? Who is this warrior? What is his dream trying to make him realize? The key to these questions is found in the midst of a trek to the mighty Himalayas, when Vibhas splits up from his trekking group and en...

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