Nitish Ojha

Nitish is an engineer from NIT Allahabad, his first book ‘Ek Aaghaaz’ was a bestseller on Amazon and at a time was the most gifted short stories book in Hindi on its platform. He currently works in Bangalore as a software developer and is read by thousands on his social media accounts known by the name of ‘Aaghaaz’.  Read More...


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एक फिल्म थी 'रहना है तेरे दिल में', उसके पहले ही सीन में आर माधवन बड़े टशन में कहते हैं, you know what, मैकेनिकल इंजीनियर में ना एक स्पार्क होनी चाहिए, 'फायर' और ये कहते कहते वो माचिस की तीली से

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Ek Aaghaaz

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The best pics are those which you probably can’t upload on Facebook. Ek Aaghaaz is a story of such pictures and those times when you don’t pose for the camera; someone just captures you, the way you are. 


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