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Noyonika Goswami

Noyonika Goswami is a 19-year-old college going girl whose aim is to discover the truths of Space and bring it to the common man in an understandable manner. She is studying Astrophysics in the United Kingdom. This budding Astronomer has been writing poetry as a child and would want to take it forward to the hilt. She is passionate about this form of expression and believes poetry to be the language of the soul flowing seamlessly without any inhibitions. She finds inspiration in the little things of life and no single thing has failed to intrigue her till date. Seeding Mind is an experiment wiRead More...


Seeding Mind

Books by Noyonika Goswami

Seeding Mind is a compilation of small poems capturing the thought process of a young girl from the age of six. Thoughts of a young mind have to be about general things they are exposed to in their day-to-day lives. Starting from natural elements like ‘Thunder’ to ‘Fear’ to the love of ‘Grandparents’ – her set of poems has it all. Some poems have also addressed the humane aspects of humanity which a child finds missing and is perplexed a

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Sugar In Coffee

By Noyonika Goswami in Poetry | Reads: 388 | Likes: 5

I may come as bitter, Maybe a little murky as well. I maybe a little too short-tempered,  Where every inch of your skin screams as soon as it touches my shell I reside in— It's called a glass perphaps. Even though I may appear dark at first, Maybe a little too selfish at times— Wher  Read More...

Published on Apr 22,2020 05:15 AM

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