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Nrripanshi Bansiwal


A keen reader and communications enthusiast, Nripanshi has an eye for creativity. She is an Economics and Management graduate whose love for brands and knack for writing drew her to advertising.   A communication professional by day and star-gazer by night, Nripanshi likes to read, write and paint during most of her waking time. She works in the advertising industry to help brands with their communications as part of her regular day job.   Nripanshi believes there is a lot to be explored in the power of human expression through any form of content—written, visual or audio. Her poems tend tRead More...


Princess Prose

Books by Nripanshi Bansiwal

Princess Prose is a collection of short poems with a set rhyme scheme that captures the various moods the different seasons bring. Narrated by a princess, the verses being called prose establish the narrator as a person who is confident and opinionated person but is not rigid towards other’s perspectives.

The poems present an innocent yet observant, questioning yet humble and dreamy yet sensible view of various situations. Indulge in

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