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Born in the year 1946, the author, P.DAntony was educated in India and has working experience as a marketing executive in the chemical industry in Bombay. During the tenure of his service, part of his job was training up new recruits- fresh graduates and diploma holders from engineering institutions, many of whom were found to have poor communication skills in English, whether written or spoken. It was a challenging job to bring about improvement by one year. This particular part of the job forced him to equip himself to be better in the English language, including grammar Read More...


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English Grammar and Usage Made Easy

Books by P.D. Antony

Grammar is a subject that even the best English users tend to neglect. This book can be used as a general reference book by all. For students, it is a grammar guide to refer to any topic at a glance. The description of every rule is easily understandable without teachers’ help. It covers all the grammar rules for day-to-day requirements and all parts of speech with plenty of examples. The pronouns are very well-explained, especially nominative and object

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