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A post-graduate in engineering, P S Satish is a Corporate Trainer and Mentor in manufacturing industries. He has worked for close to three decades in the manufacturing industries sector and runs a service company under the name, Saraswati Industrial Services.

He has worked for five years as a visiting professor in the Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore and has guided many students for their master’s degree in engineering. He is on the editorial advisory board of an industrial magazine called 'Industrial Business Mart' and writes articles regularly on better management of industries. His articles on various other subjects have also been published in other magazines.

With a passion for training, speaking and presenting, he regularly visits many colleges and industries to guide students/employees on the importance of developing oneself. He attempts to fill the gap between industry and academic institutions, instilling values in life, apart from imparting the technical aspects of the subject.

He is a keen observer and tries to learn from small incidents in life. As a Mentor, he believes in guiding others through stories and incidents he has read, heard or experienced personally. Satish is a strong endorser of value-based education. He also engages in a few social activities. His hobbies include reading, speaking and writing.


Knowing Is Not Same as Doing

Books by P.S.Satish

Is mere knowledge enough, without action?

How rounded is your personality once you finish school or college?

Does rote education offer you life skills?

All this and more is dealt with in ‘Knowing is not the same as Doing’, where the author uses simple language to communicate life skills and value-based guidance with a commonsense approach, using stories and real-life experiences.

If you are a student or a young graduate beginning a

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Getting Through Adversities

By Satish in True Story | Reads: 175 | Likes: 0

We never know what life has in store for us. Who imagined that we would be in lockdown at homes for weeks because of the unseen Coronavirus? Adversity, beyond our control,  sometime happens and we just have a choice to accept and see how it can be used as an opportunity. Uncertainty is the way   Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 09:48 PM

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