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Amit Paathak

Amit Paathak is an international trainer, therapist, success coach and author of articles that offer practical and useful methods to help people deliver power-packed performance, boost productivity, overcome crippling mental beliefs and build long-lasting relationships. He has over 18 years of deep and passionate research in the field of applied psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, Mental Space Psychology, coaching systems and other related sciences.

Being a peak performance coach, licensed NLP trainer and master practitioner, along with certified hypnotherapist, he has designed explosive performance propulsion techniques in business, education and creating personal charisma. He regularly talks on various self-help topics at corporates and educational institutions, together with individuals, students and homemakers across the world.

Having invented new techniques, his methods are unique and highly effective in resolving even the most stubborn challenges that clients are stuck with.


The Turning Point

Books by Amit Paathak

For most people, life’s goals are about getting a good education, earning a great college degree and eventually settling down with a nice job with a decent income and a loving family. For some, however, as the shine of educational and career accomplishments dim over the years, there comes the pause-and-ponder phase, where questions begin to whisper in your mind. 

* Is this the life you envisioned in terms of health, wealth, career and relatio

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